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Cannon Hill State School

Cannon Hill State School is a community of students and educators who are dedicated to surpassing their perceived limitations through an unwavering commitment to excellence. Both parents and educators engage in extensive research to enhance the quality of school programs, ensuring that students receive an educational experience that is both stimulating and rewarding.

The emphasis on research is central to the learning process at Cannon Hill State School, as it encourages students to explore and test their theories, provoking their curiosity and enabling them to achieve a depth of knowledge and understanding that is unparalleled in traditional educational settings.

Cannon Hill State School is inspired by the innovative educational philosophies of Reggio Emilia, with staff and parents experts in their application to the Australian Curriculum, while remaining firmly rooted in the context of Queensland Education and the local community. The visual and performing arts play a crucial role in fostering student thinking and expression of their learning, providing them with a well-rounded education that is both practical and creative.

Students at Cannon Hill State School are challenged to develop their critical thinking and problem-solving skills in a supportive and inclusive environment. They are encouraged to become independent learners, to take ownership of their learning, and to develop a lifelong love of learning.

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St Oliver Plunkett Catholic Primary School

At St Oliver Plunkett Primary School, families are welcomed into a collaborative and nurturing learning community that strives to be inclusive of all. The school prides itself on its vibrant and positive community, which is supported by an enthusiastic and dedicated staff and an active parent body.

Guided by the charism of Nano Nagle, the foundress of the Presentation Sisters order, St Oliver Plunkett School was first opened and staffed by the order in 1947. The school’s strong historical links with the St Oliver Plunkett Parish serve as the foundation for its vision “to be a learning community: dynamic, welcoming, and strong in faith.”

To bring this vision to life, the school emphasizes the proclamation, celebration, and living of Gospel values and the strong faith of the Catholic tradition within a contemporary culture. Additionally, dynamic learning opportunities are provided, and collaboration is fostered among students, teachers, and families to inspire each child to achieve their full potential.

As a well-resourced school, St Oliver Plunkett provides optimal conditions for learning and recognizes its responsibility to provide a caring and supportive environment that supports students’ educational and spiritual development. The school’s commitment to its students and community is reflected in its efforts to provide quality educational opportunities that prepare students for success.

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Cannon Hill Anglican College

Cannon Hill Anglican College is a school that upholds the teachings and traditions of the Anglican Church. It aims to instill Christian values in its students, staff, and parents, as detailed in the Summary Ethos Statement for Anglican Schools in the Province of Queensland. The school is dedicated to advancing the mission of the church through Faith, Vocation, and Service.

The student body at Cannon Hill Anglican College currently comprises more than 1300 students, ranging from Prep to Year 12. The College was founded on core values such as vision, innovation, courage, resilience, community, and empathy, which continue to be integral to its identity and inspire its future success.

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